Friday, 27 February 2015

Another Trip to the Vet.

Woof everyone. I hope you are all keeping well.

I know I keep bringing bad news to you and I hate to do that. Oh well. Here’s a little bit more.

Recently, my humans were noticing that my gait wasn’t quite ‘normal’. I used to walk like John Wayne, but something must have happened, resulted in me walking in a different way. The change wasn’t so alarming until the past couple of days when I started to limp badly. So, off I went for another trip to the veterinary.

Once there, I was given a thorough check-up and had some x-rays taken. The results showed that my right fore-leg had a fracture and my left fore-elbow was inflamed. We don’t know what caused the fracture but the vet said that the inflammation was due to “old age”. (“Excuse me? Who are you calling old?”)

Here are some photos of me at the vet’s seeking treatment.

Once she had diagnosed the problem, the doctor had to put a cast on my right fore-leg.

If you remember, I used to get pretty lady nurses to fuss around me on my previous visits to the vet. However, this time it was a bit different…

…I GOT A BOY NURSE! Where are all the pretty girls that used to tend to me? Urgh!

Oh well, I guess it doesn’t matter. I love girl nurses, boy nurses, girl dogs, boy dogs…whatever. In short, I’m a ‘try’sexual; I’ll try anything!

Anyway, back to the matter in hand (or paw). The vet soon had me bandaged like a mummy.

Once the plaster cast was finished, the pretty doctor cut a bit of an opening so that I would feel more comfortable.

Then, I got a shock. The finishing touch was in HOT PINK! Nooooooo…

As you know, pink is not my favourite colour. I have had a bad experience with it previously. You can find out more about it here.

While all of my administrations were going on, Dad was sitting in the background; sniggering at Yours Truly getting bandaged in pink.

But Dad’s really not that evil. Here he is, giving me nice strokies while I was getting treated.

Actually, I don’t look too bad in pink. What do you think?

So, my right fore-leg will now to be strapped up with a plaster cast for the next 2 to 3 weeks. Ho-hum! It’s not so bad. Anybody want to come and sign it?

Anyway, I was given some anti-inflammation medicine and I have to go back to the vet’s in a week’s time to change my dressing. I’ll let you all know once I’m fully recovered and springing around again.

Bye for now.