Sunday, 17 May 2009


Last weekend my humans took me to Keukenhof. This is a very special place in Holland where flowers of every kind are grown. Some say it is the most booti-ful place in the world.

While we were there, Dad took lots of photos of me and Missus. There’s not much action but I think they are very pretty...

Here I am, ready to go and explore all of the flowers. (Actually, I was more interested in exploring the food that this family were eating.)

And we’re off!

We were having a great walk, then Missus decided that we should stop for a few poses.

Me and Missus. You can tell that she really loves me.

Here we are in the shade.

Here we’re ‘pretty in pink’.

Man, there were photo opportunities everywhere.

I soon realised that Missus was in every photo and stealing my limelight. Very subtly, I managed to get her out of the picture...

Ta-da! Just me and the flowers.

The flowers sure were booti-ful...but not as booti-ful as me.

Anyway, that’s enough of me posing. I don’t normally feature anything but me in my blog. However, the flowers at Keukenhof were so booti-ful that I’ll make an exception in this case.

Enjoy the pictures below!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Homer at the Beach

Remember in my last blog that I showed you some pictures of me and my new friends at Hoek van Holland beach. Well, the next day I went back there and had a great time with just me and my humans. Take a look at my adventures.

Here I am on the beach. My humans have set me two important missions.

First, I have to go and locate the ‘Ball of Tennis’...

Here I go! Mission Impossible I.

After fighting off three sharks and two crocodiles (honestly), I finally emerged with the ‘Ball of Tennis’.

Here I am emerging from the waves like James Bond.

Mission Impossible I “accomplished”!

Next, my humans assigned me to retrieve the ‘Super Spade Handle’.

Whoopee! No problem for Homer Bond (or am I still Homer Skywalker? I get so confused.)

Where the heck did it go?

Got it!

Now to return it to the mighty humans.

Better dry-off first!

OK, what’s next?

Unfortunately, instead of Mission Impossible III, Missus insisted that I posed for some nice photos.

My windswept look.

I thought that this was the perfect backdrop for my sphinx pose...

...and then to ‘Walk like an Egyptian’.

Finally, Missus had me posing in her summer hat. Tsk!

After my photoshoot, we went off and had some more fun.

This is Dad bending down to pick up my toys.

‘Oh my dog, Dad. Did you have to do that right in my face?’

[Note from Dad: No treats for Homer!]

For more of my adventures playing ‘fetch’ in the sea, check out the video below.

See ya!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

The Beach Boys

Last weekend I had a great time. As a treat, my humans took me to the ‘Hoek van Holland’ beach for two days running. While I was there, I bumped into plenty of other dogs enjoying the surf. Here’s some pictures of us all having fun...

First I ran into this Labrador. I think his name was Bobby. That’s me on the right limbering up for the games ahead.

Bobby sure was a good swimmer...but I was hot on his tail.

I was determined to get the stick from him...

...eventually I managed to get it!

My prize trophy. Nyeh! Nyeh! Nyeh! Nyeh! Nyeh!

Pretty soon, some kids joined in our doggy games.

Then this chocolate Labrador also showed up.

He wanted to join in our retrieving games.

The three of us enjoyed some intense water sports. That’s me surfing in the middle.

All of us ‘kids’ playing together...

...the young humans even joined in with our zoomies.

Next, I ran into these little fellas...

...and this ‘giant’ Rhodesian Ridgeback.

We calmly looked out to sea...

...and then started bouncing around like crazy.

What a day! Next time I’ll show you some photos of me playing fetch with my humans.