Sunday, 22 May 2011

My New (Temporary) Home in Singapore

I know I've not been updating my blog for a while - I apologise. My humans have been busy during the last couple of weeks. Dad has been settling in to his new job and the Missus has been house hunting and stuffing her face with local food. Anyway, today I managed to get Missus to help me type out a posting about what has been happening during the past couple of weeks.

As you know, we have already been in Singapore for a month. At the moment, we are temporarily staying in a serviced apartment until we find a permanent place to stay.

Let me show you around... 

Me and Dad posing outside the serviced apartments.

Our apartment may be small...

... but cosy. Here I am in my living room.

The little study table in the back is where I do my blogging. Blog! Blog! Blog!

This is my big bed. Occasionally, I allow my humans to sleep here too!

And, this is me in the guest room.

My apartment comes with a pool view too!

I spend countless hours watching the world go by...

...or just watching myself fall asleep!

Enough about my apartment, let me tell you about the wonderful friends I've made here... 

...For instance, these gentlemen always pet me when they see me going for my daily walks.

And, this guy is my ardent fan. No matter how busy he is, he always finds time to get my attention. I love him.

This is me and the friendly housekeeper - She always calls me 'Puppy'! I love this nickname, it makes me feel so young! Heheheheh...

OK folks, that's a little bit about where I'm staying. I'll let you know a little bit more about my surroundings in my next post. Have a great week! Woof!

Monday, 2 May 2011

My Actual Journey from Italy to Singapore

Woof! Woof!

Well folks, it's now been two weeks since I left Italy for Singapore. Finally, I've managed to find the time to post some photos we took on the day of my journey... 

The day started at a truly ungodly hour... 

..."'Gasp'! You must be kidding right? I'm not waking-up at 4:00 am!"

I was still in la-la land when the alarm went off and my humans started their preparations.

Unfortunately, I was soon dragged out of bed and taken for a walk to 'do the necessaries' before setting-off on my journey.

View Larger Map
Here's a map showing the route from my home in Lodi to Malpensa Airport.

I was tearful when the van eventually arrived. As I left the villa, I couldn't help but reminisce about all of my adventures during the past year and a half

I was so happy that my humans were able to travel in the van with me to the airport.

After driving for a couple of hours, we arrived at Malpensa's cargo-handling area. The whole journey was fine! I felt great! 

We got out of the van and I had a quick chance to explore the surroundings. Meanwhile, Missus was 'barking' strict instructions to the agents to make sure that I would be well taken care of.

Here's me and Dad in the airport grounds.

It was soon time to proceed to the handling area.

While we were waiting for my travel documents to be checked, I started making friends with some of the ground staff. This guy told me how handsome I was and wished me "Buon viaggio!"

My crate - all properly labelled by Missus.

Just time for one last pose before 'boarding' my business-class crate...

...and here I am - all ready to go.

"What's this? Surely they're not going to drive me all the way to Singapore!"

As the fork-lift took me away to the aeroplane, I nonchalantly waved goodbye to my humans. Unfortunately, while I stayed calm, I can't say the same for Missus! She was beginning to experience serious 'separation anxiety' issues.

Before long, we were all aboard the plane and ready for the long flight from Milan to Singapore. Here's a map showing our flightpath... 

View My Flight from Italy to Singapore in a larger map
The journey covered 10,260 km (6,380 miles) and the whole flight took 13 hours.

Before I knew it, we touched down at Changi Airport in Singapore. After a few formalities, I was chauffer-driven to my new home in the heart of Singapore to be reunited with my humans. The rest, as they say, is history... 

A note from Missus to all of Homer's friends: 

I just wanted to let everyone know that all has gone smoothly for Homer since we left Italy and arrived in Singapore. Unlike me, Homer was a very brave boy throughout the journey. He was well-behaved and calm - he didn't even whimper once during the whole ordeal. When Homer arrived at his new home in Singapore, his crate was spotless. (It was the same during his previous flights from Australia to Singapore, Singapore to Korea, Korea to China and China to Holland. I guess he's now just an experienced, potty-trained, international jet-setter!). After a couple of hours getting used to his new surroundings, Homer was back to his old self - sniffing around, demanding attention and just generally being the adorable boy he is! Thanks again for all of your well-wishes prior to, and after, Homer's journey. I'm very proud of him!

The Missus