Thursday, 30 June 2011

I'm SIX!

Today is my BARKDAY! I am six years old! And still a hot looking stud! Arooo... roo... roo...

For my barkday, I got lots of treats and toys!

Can you guess which one is my favourite?

I picked the LION!

If you think I am scared of lions, you're WRONG!

I wrestle lions for fun!

Besides getting treats and toys, I got...


The best part of all - I got a special barkday cake!

Man, it looked yummy!

Before I could have my cake and eat it, I had to pose for the camera.

I sat anxiously waiting to blow out the candle.

"Gimmee...gimmee...GIMMEEE!" Arghhhhhh....

Finally it was time to tuck in! Hooray!


"How did that cream land on my nose?"

Finally, I wolfed down the last bit...

...and licked the remains from my lips. I'm such a messy eater.

All in all I had a wonderful day. Happy Barkday to me... Happy Barkday to me... Arooo...roooooo.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

My Singapore Surroundings

The last couple of weeks have been very hectic for us, so forgive me if I have not blogged for a while. You see, we have moved out of the serviced apartment which we were staying in. Our new (temporary) home is right across from the serviced apartment, so the surroundings are pretty much the same... 

See how close my 'old' place and my 'new' place are!

Me and Dad on one of our regular walks.

"Missus, will you hurry up? We want to find some shade!"

Missus made me pose for an obligatory photo shoot...

...and another.

Occasionally during my walks, I stop by the river to look at my reflection and check out how booti-ful I am.

Of course, my narcissistic thoughts are often rudely interrupted by my humans.

Anyway, me and Dad were checking out some gorgeous looking babes.

Like this cutie. I couldn't help but try to get close to her! Unfortunately, I didn't get her name.

Before long, we were off walking again, hoping to meet up with some more nice doggies. Pretty soon, I bumped into one...

This Labrador invited me for a couple of pints. Alas, Dad didn't bring any money with him and I'm broke! Oh well, next time.

Before I knew it, we were heading home. Despite Singapore's heat and humidity, I really enjoy my walks.

Anyway, bye for now. I wish everyone a great weekend!

P.S.: It has just dawned on me that it will be my barkday at the end of June. I'm going to be six years old! Woof! Woof!  Let the celebration begins!