Saturday, 28 November 2009

A Nice Day Out

It was a booti-ful day and, as usual, my humans took me for my morning walk in Milan. Today, we went to a different park from the one we normally go to.

Here I am checking the surroundings.

“Wait, what’s happening over there?”

This place turned out to be a doggy paradise. There were little four-legged friends everywhere!

This booti-ful lady reminded me of Chewbacca.

“Excuse me while I get to know you better!”

Look at these Jack Russell ladies. They were a bundle of fun!

This little lady sure knew how to travel in style.

Although my humans haven’t mastered Italian yet, they never have a problem communicating when they are out with me. Most Italians love dogs and are always friendly to us when we get together.

Here are a few more photos from today’s adventures in the park:

On the way home, my humans decided to drop by their local ‘tavola’ (snack bar) for some traditional Italian fare.

Here’s Dad and I outside of the Tavola.

Once inside, I waited patiently for my Italian meal to come.

Man, look at the delicious food on offer!

Look at what Missus and Dad were having. Drool…

Unfortunately, my meal never came. Sigh!

Alas, I wasn’t the only dog waiting for food in vain…

Look at this guy. He never stopped sniffing around.

And this poor fellow had just resigned himself to fate!

Anyway, even if I didn’t get to sample the exquisite Italian food, it was certainly a great day out for me.


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Homer’s Dog Park in Milan

We’ve been staying in Milan for almost two months now but we’re still not really settled here. When we first arrived here, we were staying in an apartment right next to the city center. This was a great location for the humans to go sightseeing, but not so good for yours truly. The place was a bit of a ‘concrete jungle’ for me...

See what I mean? Where are the parks? Where are the other dogs?

I was even overjoyed when I found the smallest patch of greenery.

Recently, however, we have moved to a new apartment, a little further out of town. It’s not going to be our permanent home in Milan [watch this space in a couple of month’s time], but at least it has something going for it...

... Ta da! This is me arriving in my new local dog park.

I thought I’d better “announce myself” before exploring further.

Then off I went in search of adventure.

Within a few seconds, I thought I was seeing double? No, this is not me, it's another Golden Retriever called Blake. He’s ten months old and very good looking. (That’s probably why I thought I was seeing double!).

“Mama mia!” Aren’t we both booti-ful?

Anyway, Blake and I hit it off straight away, despite the fact that Blake only speaks Italian.

He was soon following my every move.

Two peas in a pod! Blake and me (on the right).

Pretty soon, Blake and I were joined by a few other doggies...

This is Luna. A very friendly female Jack Russell.

Me and Luna introducing ourselves.

Next, this little lady showed up. Her name is Chanel.

This is Blake trying to smell “Chanel’s No. 2”!... Chanel’s trying to smell “Luna’s No. 1”!

Thankfully, as an escape from all of these ‘perfumery shenanigans’, another dog showed up. (Unfortunately, we didn’t catch his name)...

...and then another dog showed up...

...and then another dog showed up...

...pretty soon, it was doggie mayhem.

As I hinted above, we will be moving in to a new home in a couple of months. For the time being, though, I think I’m going to enjoy my sessions at “Homer’s Dog Park in Milan”.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Happy Halloween 2009

I thought today was just like any other day.

Here I am, sniffing around as usual and minding my own business.

Unfortunately, in the human world, this was not just an ordinary day. Suddenly, my mind was racing back to last year and the year before. Yes, today is Halloween and this can only mean one thing... Missus will be dressing me up again...

... Ta da! Meet Count Dogula, the Canine Vampire!

Unfortunately, rather than looking scary, Missus just thought that I looked rather ‘dashing’ in this cape. She felt that my costume needed a little more ‘Oomph’. ..

... so she added a pair of horns and an ‘evil’ wig.

At first, Missus thought I looked more cute than scary.

So, I put on my sinister stare. (I’m sorry if I scared you.)

Suddenly, I looked into the mirror and saw how scary I looked. I mean...I couldn’t see myself because I’m a vampire, right?

Anyway, Missus had prepared a special meal for me for Halloween.

Human eye balls. Yummy, my favourites.

Here I am with my favourite dish.

I can’t wait to get stuck in.

I am Count Dogula (Evil laughter: MUAH HA HA ha ha ha ha...)

Happy Halloween to everyone!