Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sakura and My Upcoming Trip to the Vets

In my last post, I mentioned that I had a little fiend… I mean FRIEND (oops!) who has been staying with us for the past month.

Everybody, may I introduce you to my new friend, Sakura.

She is a Japanese Spitz and she just turned ONE a few days ago! (More about this later.)

Sakura is a very sweet and adorable little puppy. Her crazy antics always make us laugh. For instance…

…have you ever seen a dog sleeping like this…

…with her tongue sticking out like a cheeky monkey’s?

‘Gasp’ Doggy porn!

The ‘Odd Couple’.

On another note – I am scheduled to see my vet this coming Friday with a possibility of going into surgery to remove the tumours.

According to the humans, I will be sedated and the vet will then do an aspirate on my right paw to check for cancer cells. If no cancer cells are detected, they will proceed with the surgery to have the lump removed. Otherwise I am back to my chemo drugs again.

So, wish me luck my friends. Fingers, paws and tails crossed!

Lots of love,