Monday, 28 January 2008

Homer, the Cupcake Conjurer

I spent the whole of last night watching (and smelling) Missus baking cupcakes. You can imagine my displeasure when I realised that they were not meant for me.

Even worse, not only was I not allowed to eat them, but I then had to suffer the torture of having to 'peform' with them...!

First, I was asked to put one of the cupcakes on my muzzle and perform a balancing act. This was not easy as the darn thing kept slipping off.

Ta - da! See! I was also able to balance it on my head!

OK, enough of this crap. I am going to steal a cupcake before they all disappear. Who cares about conjuring with cupcakes when you can eat them instead. Slurp!

Thursday, 24 January 2008

My Chinese Friends

During my seven months in China, I have got to know two lovely ladies and a wonderful boy. A few days ago, we took a stroll together and captured some nice moments…

The lady on my left is one of my many nannies in China. Her name is Xiao Chen. She often looks after me when my humans are away on holiday. On my right is her son, Yang Fei.

Me and Yang Fei. He loves to goof around with me.

Awww… isn’t he sweet?

You know, looking at this photo, I’ve just realized that I have a very big head (I am referring to its physical size, not my ego).

Me and Xiao Chen.

This is Xiao Chen’s cousin (Yang Fei’s auntie), Nini.

Oooh… Ahh… Booti-ful!

Me and my good friends.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Missus' 29th Birthday

A couple of days ago, it was Missus' birthday and I tried to think of something to surprise her. I'd been racking my brains prior to 'the day' without success. It was no fun for me - the last time I remember 'using my brains' so much was during my puppy training school. Anyway, I thought of giving her some of my favourite toys but dropped the idea as Dad said they were soaking wet with my saliva. Finally, Dad and I went to look for something suitable and we managed to get a few presents as shown below.

Missus' birthday presents from me and Dad.

My special present to Missus - Chocolate dogs!

On the day, we also had the obligatory photo shoot (Sigh!)...

As you can see, I don't look so interested. It's probably because I've had to do this pose at least a million times before.

The family shot.

This is Missus in her doggy pose.

Oh no, not the dreaded dressing up shots again...

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Tagged for the Very First Time

Recently, I have been 'tagged' by another 'blog dog' named Keeley who wanted me to reveal seven weird things about myself. This is something I've never had to think about before. After all, what could be weird about me? Anyway, so as not to let Keeley down, I've done my best to list a few of my quirks below.

1. My name - 'Homer'. My humans tell me that I was named after the famous Greek poet/philospher. However, I'm not daft. I know that I was really named after the famous cartoon character, 'Homer Simpson'.

2. I'm a bit of a 'Peeping Tom'. I regularly like to snoop on people through my favourite window. Here's a picture of me caught in the act.

Can you see me?

This is my favourite window and I'm always spying on the outside world from there. Don't you think I look spooky?

An enlarged picture.

3. I am easily spooked by inanimate objects such as banners, road signs, traffic cones, etc.

4. I often sleep on my back with my paws in the air. Unfortunately, this means that I am frequently exposing my 'crown jewels'. If you don't believe me, take a look at the photo below.

Me in a vulnerable position.

5. I tend to walk with a 'swagger'. A bit like John Wayne after he's just gotten off his horse.

6. I can hold my own whilst playing with dogs of my size, or even bigger. However, I always seem to get bullied by small dogs.

7. I have a strange way of eating my food. I'll take a mouthful of kibbles, crunch them for a few seconds and then spit them out onto the floor. Only after this ritual, will I pick them up again and eat them for good.

Despite these weird things about me, I think I am booti-ful. Oooo... ah... booti-ful me!

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Big Balu

Happy New Year!

I know it's been a long time since my last posting and, I'm ashamed to say, this is my first post of 2008. My apologies for the delay, but I've been too busy breaking all of my well-intentioned New Year's resolutions (must not sniff other dogs' bums - broken; must not hump humans/other dogs - broken; must not beg for food at the table - broken; must not expose my private parts in public - broken; etc.).

Anyway, enough of these dumb resolutions. As part of my New Year's celebrations, I recently invited my old mate Balu around to hang out. Here's some pictures from our get together:

Here's Balu. Look how big he's grown.

The humans noted that Balu is almost as big as me now - and he's only half my age! It must be puppy fat! Ha!

He may have grown bigger but he's just as cheeky as ever - always snatching my toys and causing mayhem. Here's a video of the two of us going loopy at home.