Monday, 28 January 2008

Homer, the Cupcake Conjurer

I spent the whole of last night watching (and smelling) Missus baking cupcakes. You can imagine my displeasure when I realised that they were not meant for me.

Even worse, not only was I not allowed to eat them, but I then had to suffer the torture of having to 'peform' with them...!

First, I was asked to put one of the cupcakes on my muzzle and perform a balancing act. This was not easy as the darn thing kept slipping off.

Ta - da! See! I was also able to balance it on my head!

OK, enough of this crap. I am going to steal a cupcake before they all disappear. Who cares about conjuring with cupcakes when you can eat them instead. Slurp!

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