Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Oh Balu

Yesterday afternoon, Missus and I went to visit Balu. His humans are away on a holiday and I guessed he must have been feeling lonely. So, I was hoping that my presence would cheer the ‘little monkey’ up. It sure did!

When Balu first saw me, he was so elated that he started to sniff me and lick me all over.

He followed me everywhere, just to have a sniff of my wonderful scent.

I was beginning to feel a bit uneasy as ‘Pesky’ just would not stop sniffing me.

To get away from all this ‘girlie’ sniffing nonsense, I had to initiate a macho dog wrestling. I soon managed to pin ‘Sniffy’ down. Yeah!

Balu struggled to get up. It’s probably due to the amount of weight that he’s put on lately - Ha! Ha! Ha!

Soon, Missus made us stop our ‘dog wrestling’ and we were forced, yet again (sigh!) to have our photos taken.

Doing our best to smile…

Ohh… booti-ful us!

I love this picture!

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