Saturday, 9 February 2008

Zhuan Zhuan

This is another good friend of mine, Zhuan Zhuan. He also lives in Coastal Rose Garden. Although this is the first time he has appeared in my blog, Zhuan Zhuan and I have been good pals for quite a while.

Zhuan Zhuan

I don’t know about you, but I think he looks a bit like Rod Stewart.

See what I mean!

Zhuan Zhuan is a toy poodle and only a quarter of the size of me. He thinks he can hide his build by having a poofy hairdo and 'frou frou' clad legs.

Despite his small stature and eccentric hairstyle, Zhuan Zhuan is totally fearless when wrestling with the big boys. Here are some pictures of the two of us messing around.

The face off begins.

Zhuan Zhuan makes his move...

... but then decides to attack from this angle.

Finally, the battle commences...

All I need to do is try to find a way to 'squash' him!

But I got squashed instead.

Without warning, Zhuan Zhuan suggested that we stop our wrestling game, and take a picture instead.

We don't look too bad considering the intensity of our battle?

That's all folks. See you later!

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