Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter 2012

Happy Easter Everyone!

As you may recall, Missus usually takes the opportunity at this time of year to dress me up in some sort of wacky costume. Normally, she manages to come up with an appropriate theme, like a bunny or a sunflower. This time, however, she was devoid of inspiration for a 'festive' subject.

Remember I asked you all last week what Missus might have in mind? Well, I'm sorry to say that none of you guessed right. I'm not surprised really, whoever heard of an Easter...

...Lion? (Ever since Missus caught the 'Africa safari bug', she has had nothing but wild animals on her mind!).

Anyway, I soon got into character and started doing "lion things".

Don't I look fearsome? Roarrrrrrh!

Right, where the heck is all of the prey around here?

Like any self-respecting 'apex predator', I quickly set off on the prowl.

Before long, I'd brought down a zebra!

Of course, I soon finished that off! Yummy!

What's next? I am fearless and I'll take on anything...

...Like giraffes...


...and, on occasions, sharks. (Sharks?!?).

I also fight other lions just for fun...

...but only when I can find them.

"Who is the king of the jungle? I AM! I AM! I AM!"

"What's the matter? Have you never seen a man walking a lion before?"

Oh well, I'd better go and find my pride.

Of course, they say that lions spend 18 hours a day sleeping.

In that case, I'd make a perfect lion! Zzzzzzzzzz..........

Once again, Happy Easter.