Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Post Surgery Report

It’s been two weeks since I visited my vet for the latest check-up on my Mast Cell Tumours. He took a few aspirates; discussed the variable options with my humans and surgery was decided.

Two lumps – one on my right shoulder and the other on my front left paw were removed. The surgery went smoothly without any complications.

At this moment, we can only hope that there aren’t any residual traces of Mast Cells lurking around. According to my vet, and various sources from the Internet, if there are cancer cells left behind, the tumours tend to grow back with a vengeance. So far, the signs look good. I am back on my chemo drugs for a month, after which I’ll have to go back to the vet for another check-up.

To make sure that my wounds were able to heal, my movements have been restricted since the surgery. My daily walkies have been cut short and I’m not allowed to use the stairs.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone again for all of your concern and well-wishes. I have not been given the all-clear yet so I hope you will keep me in your thoughts for a little while longer.

Fingers, paws and tails crossed. I love you all.


PS: I’ve attached some photos of my ouchie parts. Please skip this if you are squeamish.

Photo taken early this year.

Mast Cell Tumour located on my left shoulder. This photo was taken early this year.

Mast Cell Tumour located next to my paw pad. This photo was taken early this year.

This is how my paw and my shoulder look like after the surgery.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Me and Sakura

Woof from Homer! I hope all is fine and well on your side!

Remember my friend Sakura who visited me recently? Well, here are some photos taken during her stay. We got on like a house on fire!

Here you go…

Meal times with Sakura were a ‘treat’. Here we are waiting patiently for our roast chicken dinner. It took us less than a minute to eat the lot!

Here’s a photo of Sakura finishing the last morsel while I jealously look on. She’s so greedy!

While she was here, Sakura mimicked my every move. Notice how she tries to copy my favourite sleeping position?

Whenever we went to (my) bed, Sakura didn’t hesitate to make herself comfortable…

…we sometimes got too comfortable!

Oh well, as they say: “Let sleeping dogs lie”.

Of course, whenever it was time for me to visit the groomer, Sakura had to tag along.

Here we both are, covered in foam and bubbles.

Check out Sakura’s pointy ears. Doesn’t she look comical?

The Missus thinks she looks like Yoda. 

And here we are, all preened, pruned, and smelling of roses!

The lovely Sakura, posing nicely for the Missus.

I’ve also attached a short video of Sakura giving me a grooming session…

On a different note, I will be making a visit to the vet this coming Tuesday with the possibility of me having surgery. The same process is going to be repeated as I described in my previous posting. First they will take aspirates from my tumours to find out if they are operable. I am keeping my paws crossed and hoping that everything turns out fine.