Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Kira's Extreme Makeover

You might recall that in an earlier posting, I got into trouble with Kira for recklessly mentioning that she had put on weight. Little did I know, that she must have taken my comment to heart.

She came around to my place today and ‘WOW’, what a difference! She had been to the hair dressers and got herself a stylish new makeover. Her hair had been cropped short and it seemed to take pounds off her.

Here are some pictures taken from Kira’s visit. What a stunner!

We first loitered around the kitchen, hoping to steal some food.

Missus was there, but pretended to ignore our hungry looks.

Kira still managed to steal a kiss even though she’s hungry. She’s insatiable!

Me, grandma and Kira. Grandma will be leaving in a few days time. We’ll all miss her.

The booti-ful couple!

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Making Up

As I mentioned in my previous blog, Kira was not too happy with my inadvertent remarks that she may have put on a ‘little weight’. To try and make amends, I thought I’d get her a little present as a ‘peace offering’. My first idea was a VIP (Very Important Pooch) membership at the local gym. Then I thought, “hold on, that might not be the most subtle of gifts!”

Instead, I picked out two matching ‘his and her’ furry toys for us to chew on lovingly together. Here they are.

Unfortunately, Missus was in a cheeky mood. She thought our toys resembled Adam and Eve and so she mischievously added a ‘serpent’ to the otherwise innocent display.

Anyway, despite Missus’ attempt to sabotage my efforts at a romantic reconciliation, Kira was very impressed with my gesture. Pretty soon, we were quite the loving couple again…


Thursday, 10 April 2008

Love Is...

I had not seen Kira for quite a while, and so Missus suggested that she would bring her over to my place to get re-acquainted. When she got here, I was quite surprised to see that she had… how do I put it gently… put on a little ‘puppy fat’. Of course, this doesn’t stop me from loving her still. As the saying goes ‘love is blind’.

Here are some photos of us messing around at my place.

I didn’t realize quite how much ‘puppy fat’ Kira had added until she got on top of me. Gasp!

She nearly squeezed the life out of me…

Like any true lady, she wasn’t too pleased when I casually mentioned that she might want to lose a pound or two… Ouch!

I soon got the cold shoulder treatment for my indiscreet remark.

No matter how much cajoling and coaxing I tried, I was still in the ‘doghouse’ as far as Kira was concerned.

A typically huffy lady…

“Come on darling Kira, don’t be cross.”

Luckily, Missus saved the day by bringing us some food and diverting Kira’s attention.

Soon, all was forgotten and I was back in Kira’s good books.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

My Grandma from England

As I mentioned in an earlier posting, my humans recently went to England for a holiday. When they came back to China, they brought Dad’s mum back with them.

So, let me introduce you to Rosie, my Grandma. We get on like a house on fire, as you can see from these photos taken on a recent stroll around Coastal Rose Garden. Enjoy…

Me and my Grandma.

Thursday, 3 April 2008


Quite sometime ago, my humans and their friend found a stray puppy wandering by himself on a busy street in Shekou. According to the humans, a bus had nearly run him over. They couldn’t bear to leave him on the street to fend for himself so they took him to another friend’s place where they knew he would be safe.

A few days later, they managed to find a permanent home for him. Lichi (that’s his name) was adopted by a nice couple who also reside in Coastal Rose Garden.

It has now been several months since Lichi moved into his new home. I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce him and to let you know how he is getting on…

A photo of Lichi before he was adopted. He was less than three months old at this time.

Before Lichi was adopted, Missus brought him over to my place to play. Unfortunately, he was so scared that he just hid underneath the sofa for the whole time. Thankfully, he’s totally a different dog now. He still remembers me, but he’s no longer shy or scared. In fact, he’s just the opposite.

Recently, when I was out for a walk, Lichi spotted me and did not hesitate to ‘bark’ hello.

Here are some photos of our reunion.

Lichi. He’s now between six and eight months old.

A bewildered looking Lichi.

Surveying the ground.

And finally, we began our wrestling game.

Lichi trying to make an escape from my huge paws.

Then we decided to play another new game which I’ve recently invented. I call it the ‘Flying Game’. The object of the game is to behave like an aeroplane in an attempt to fly.

First, you have to decide which type of aircraft you want to be.

So ‘Boeing 747’ and ‘007’ (where did he get ‘007’ from?) trying to ‘spread our wings’ and fly…

For me, being an experienced pilot, I was soon airborne.

Obviously he’s too fat to ‘take-off’.

He fell flat on the ground…

Let’s hope Lichi earns his ‘wings’ soon.

(N.B.: This posting is dedicated to Heleen and Michal for saving Lichi’s life.)