Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Kira's Extreme Makeover

You might recall that in an earlier posting, I got into trouble with Kira for recklessly mentioning that she had put on weight. Little did I know, that she must have taken my comment to heart.

She came around to my place today and ‘WOW’, what a difference! She had been to the hair dressers and got herself a stylish new makeover. Her hair had been cropped short and it seemed to take pounds off her.

Here are some pictures taken from Kira’s visit. What a stunner!

We first loitered around the kitchen, hoping to steal some food.

Missus was there, but pretended to ignore our hungry looks.

Kira still managed to steal a kiss even though she’s hungry. She’s insatiable!

Me, grandma and Kira. Grandma will be leaving in a few days time. We’ll all miss her.

The booti-ful couple!

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