Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter 2013

Wow time really flies. I can’t believe it’s Easter again.

I know what that means – dressing up time. Fortunately, the Missus has been very busy and hasn’t had time to create a new Easter costume. Woohoo! Unfortunately, she just decided to ‘recycle’ one of my previous outfits.

Remember the Easter Bunny from my time in Holland? Well, here is the much more mature Easter Rabbit…

You can see I wasn’t very happy posing in the big floppy ears.

Isn’t Easter finished yet?

Realising that I wasn’t going to get out of this until I gave the Missus one of my winning smiles, I finally decided to play ball.

Ta-da! Here is the happy, smiling Easter Rabbit.

Happy Easter everyone!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

All About Mast Cell Tumours

When they first received the bad news that I have Mast Cell Tumour, my humans’ hearts sank. They didn’t know what to do. They have since spent hours trawling the Internet for information and have so far taken me to five different vets looking for the best advice on treatments.

Unfortunately, there are no animal oncologists in Singapore and the opinions given by the general veterinarians have been conflicting. Their advice has pretty much narrowed down to two options:

1. Surgery (you need to cut away 2 to 3 centimetres of skin around each tumour in order to ensure ‘clean’ margins).

2. Chemotherapy (the drugs available in Singapore are 'Palladia' and 'Masivet').

A third option, radiotherapy, is often used in the US and elsewhere. Unfortunately, this treatment is not available here in Singapore.

Surgery is usually recommended as the optimal solution. However, to remove the tumour next to my front left paw pad would require the vet to cut away most of ‘my poor little foot’. As this is not an option that my humans want to consider at present, they have decided to proceed with a course of Palladia. I started taking the tablets last Monday on a low dosage (i.e. 50mg every alternate day). So far I’ve been doing OK, with no side effects at all. The Missus has also been pumping me full of Omega 3, 6 and 9 and has modified my diet to avoid carbohydrates.

My Omegas.

As I said, despite the medicine, I’m feeling just fine and dandy…

Here I am looking smug due to all of the additional love, sympathy and attention I’ve been receiving. I must admit, I’ve been shamelessly milking the affection of my humans! Heheheheh.

Thanks again for all of the wonderful support and kind words you have been leaving on my blog. We all really appreciate it!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Update and Thank You

Woof! Woof!

Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately. As the Missus mentioned in my previous posting, we have been dealing with a couple of ‘crises’. Unfortunately, I have been diagnosed as having Mast Cell Tumours.

Over the past few weeks, I have received a huge outpouring of supportive emails and messages on my blog and on my Facebook from you guys. I am very touched and would like to bark a big thanks to all of you for extending such wonderful friendship during this difficult time.

Despite my health condition, I’m actually doing fine! Dad has commented that I still behave like a crazy puppy: demanding lots of attention, long walkies and plenty of treats! I don’t feel ‘sick’ at all and my appetite remains ‘ravenous’!

So far, the Missus has found three Mast Cell Tumours on my body. The first one was found on my hind leg and the vet has operated to cut it away. I have one on my right shoulder blade and another right next to my paw pad.

In order for my humans to be absolutely sure that they had found all of the potential tumours, they had to shave my booti-ful locks off.

I feel so naked!

This is the site of the first tumour we found on my hind leg. You can see the scar tissue where the vet has operated.

This is a small tumour on my right shoulder blade.

And this is the third tumour near to my left front paw pad. The vets tell me that this is the ‘trickiest’ part to treat.

Here’s a picture showing where each of the tumours are in less detail.

OK. Now I shall leave you with a cute picture of me.

‘Bald’ is the new ‘Sexy’!

I’ll tell you a little about my treatment in my next blog.

Bye for now.