Friday, 29 November 2013

Tributes to Paco and Amber-Mae

I am very sad to announce that two of my long time blogging friends have passed away recently.

My dearest amico, Paco.

May 24, 2006 - November 11, 2013

I met Paco on several occasions when I was living in Italy. We had such wonderful times together. Paco was a lovely boy who loved his mum, Simona, with all his heart. The Missus and Dad were also smitten by him. You can read more abut our adventures together here, here and here.

Sadly, he crossed the rainbow bridge on 11 November, 2013.


Booti-ful Amber-Mae

October 28, 2005 - November 23, 2013

Amber-Mae and her mum, Melissa, began blogging around about the same time as Yours Truly. We had been blog-pals ever since I was living in South Korea and have enjoyed ‘stalking’ each other’s blog for many years.

Amber-Mae was a very booti-ful, intelligent and gifted gal who won many prizes in Dog Shows. She also excelled in, amongst many other things, acting, performing tricks and doggy-dancing.

She passed away peacefully on 23 November, 2013.

I will miss both Paco and Amber-Mae dearly.

Run free and wild, my friends. I love you.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Surgical Wounds are Healing Nicely

A couple of months ago, I had my Mast Cell Tumours (Gosh! I dread those words) removed. One was located on my shoulder blade and the other next to my paw pad.

This was how it looked after I came out from surgery.

The scar was ten centimetres long.

My poor little foot!

I am happy to say that my wounds are recovering nicely and there are no signs of cancer cells in the affected areas.

Here are some photos taken a couple of days ago.

Look at my shoulder now. You can hardly tell that I had an operation.

…and my foot is fine...

…I am very pleased and hope that I never have to go through that again. NEVER!