Friday, 27 July 2007

Madonna and Twiggy

Missus is a lunatic. Look what she did to me...

Madonna 'loaned' me her wig. She wore this one during her 'Girlie Show' tour in 1993. I've added a few colours to make it more funky.

What a striking resemblance!

Me trying to impersonate Twiggy during her early years in modelling. Unfortunately, this time I added too many colours!


Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Feeling Blue

I'm blue... oooooohh BLUE!!!

I'm not feeling too happy at the moment. My skin has recently developed a rash which, I am told, has been caused by the hot and humid weather here in Shekou. Apparently, this kind of skin problem is very normal for dogs, especially during summer time.

Anyway, the humans decided that I had to make a trip to the local vet. The vet gave us some blue liquid medicine to apply to my affected skin.

The blue patch is not very obvious in this photo, but if you see me in person, you will definitely label me as the 'blue dog'. I don't like my body to have funky colours and my human parents definitely do not like it. Unfortunately, we don't have a choice. The only consolation is that it's not shocking pink!

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

A Room with a View

Sometimes, when the mood takes me, I like to watch the world go by. Fortunately, we have a room with a perfect vantage point for me to view what is going on. Usually, I spend hours watching the bristling activity outside. Unfortunately, these were the only pictures that Missus managed to catch of me indulging in my favourite pastime.

Look, it's raining and there's nobody out there.

Now it's night and I'm still waiting for some excitment.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

I Have New Toys!

Because we've just moved from one country to another, most of my favourite toys have 'mysteriously' disappeared. I suspect that Missus has thrown them away, but she won't admit to it! Anyway, some good has come out of this situation. Missus took a trip to Hong Kong the other day and look what she came back with...

Yippeeee! My new toys! It looks like Christmas has come early for me!

Missus even bought some novelty dentures for me. Actually I find them very irritating. All that 'clack', 'clack', 'clacking'.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Coastal Rose Garden

Ruff! Ruff! Aaaa rooo!

We went out for a quick walk today around our new home in Shekou. The place is called Coastal Rose Garden. It's a great place for me, with plenty of immaculate lawns, palm trees, plants and miles of quiet foot paths for me to walk along. There are also lots of lamp posts and fire hydrants for me to "do what comes naturally" and mark my territory. Best of all, the place is full of other dogs for me to hang out with. I've already made friends with a couple of young labrador boys and some smaller dogs. I've even got my eye on a couple of good looking 'bitches'. Anyway, enough about me, come and take a walk with me around Coastal Rose Garden.

This is the building that we live in - Block 39.

There is a lawn right on our door step! I often hang out with other dogs here.

We normally start our walk from here.

This is one of the long foot paths that we like to stroll down.

Stopping for a break. Notice the promenade in the background.

I even get to use the humans' benches.

As usual, this photoshoot wouldn't be complete without a close up picture of me.

The fountain area. Unfortunately, Dad and I got distracted for this shot.

Dad and me.

Sniff! Sniff!

The swimming pool behind me. The humans haven't let me take a dip yet.

Outside the club house.

A stroll through the gazebo.

A booti-ful backdrop.

The gazebo from another angle. Not sure what that strange looking creature in the background is? I will investigate tomorrow and let you know...