Sunday, 17 February 2008

Crazy Ball

Today, our respective humans took Balu, Kira and myself out to the park for a run around. They decided that we should all partake in a new game called ‘Crazy Ball’.

Here are the humans explaining the rules. Basically there are no rules! The only idea is that we all run after the ball and the one who keeps it the longest is the winner. Anything goes.

Here are each of the formidable players, with their ‘Crazy Ball’ pseudonyms:

This is ‘Big Bad Balu’. He is the current world champion at ‘Crazy Ball’. (That’s only because he’s crazy! Heh heh heh).

Let me introduce you to ‘Killer Kira’. Rumour has it that she wrestles with bears for fun.

And last, but not least, yours truly: ‘Hitman Homer’. I also wrestle (teddy) bears for fun.

Here we are, eager to get started. And they’re off…

‘Big Bad Balu’ quickly asserted his supremacy by winning the ball first.

But 'Killer Kira' was soon in hot pursuit.

I then made a ‘smash and grab’ raid.

It was a perfect steal!

I then set off for cover.

My first hideout was a bit obvious and they soon found me.

So I set off into ‘the jungle’, hoping I wouldn’t be followed.

Unfortunately, ‘Big Bad Balu’ was hot on my tail…

… with “Killer Kira’ hot on his tail.

I finally found the perfect spot to hide. Can you see me?

Me hiding with the spoils. I told you there were no rules. Heh heh heh.

Oh no! My cover was blown by ‘Big Bad Balu’. He soon snatched the ball from me.

He looked so smug after retrieving the ball.

But victory was short and sweet. Pretty soon, ‘Killer Kira’ was on to him.

Then, both ‘Killer Kira’ and ‘Hitman Homer’ got together to take on ‘Big Bad Balu’. A new game of ‘Crazy Ball’ soon commenced…

Once it was all over, despite the intense competition, we all remained good pals. Here’s the post-match team photo.

Friday, 15 February 2008

My Other Valentines

Although I have been focused on Kira lately, I have not forgotten about my humans on Valentine’s Day. I got a special card for Missus and another one for both of them…

Be My Valentine

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I thought that this was the perfect opportunity for me to impress my sweetheart Kira.

Like a modern day Cassanova, I thought that a rose between my teeth would be particularly swashbuckling.

I then wrote a romantic card to declare my undying love for her.

Finally, I added the ‘pièce de résistance’, a framed photo of Kira and I to show what a perfect couple we make. I put this together with the rose and the card and left them at Kira’s bedside.

I hope she’ll like my presents. I’ll let you know…

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

An Evening with Kira

Ever since Balu became my arch love rival, I have been trying to think of ways to win back Kira’s affections. With a little help from my humans, I came up with a cunning plan. We decided to invite Kira and her family over to our place for dinner.

As part of the meal, Missus baked us some sinful chocolate brownies. To make it special, I helped to sprinkle little heart shapes all over the brownies. These hearts were supposed to symbolize my undying love for Kira. Unfortunately, Kira wasn’t impressed. I had forgotten that dogs cannot eat chocolate and so Kira and I weren’t able to share the brownies.

Never mind, at least it was a ‘visual feast’ for her. (Hey, give me a break. I am no Don Juan and this is the first time that I’ve tried to win a lady’s heart).

The ‘many’ little hearts. Tokens to my darling Kira.

Don’t you think we look like the perfect couple?

Flirting with each other.

Me and Kira – don’t you love her pointy ears? (I do).

To win her favour, I let Kira try on my Doggles.

I thought she looked real cool.

Dad thought she looked like a raccoon!

Monday, 11 February 2008

So Scandalous

I have not been feeling too happy for the past week. As you know by now, I’ve had a crush on my female canine friend, Kira ever since she moved to Coastal Rose Garden. I’m sure you also remember my good pal, Balu who often appears goofing around with me in my blog.

You can imagine my dismay, therefore, when I recently discovered that Balu has been secretly wooing Kira. To prove my point, I hired a PI (Pooch Investigator) to tail the two of them. (By the way, the PI’s name was Snoopy).

This is the evidence produced by Snoopy…

Balu and Kira holding paws…

… and whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ear.

The last straw was when they were caught in bed together! ‘Faint’

I have to go now to mend my broken heart. A couple of biscuits should do the trick.

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Zhuan Zhuan

This is another good friend of mine, Zhuan Zhuan. He also lives in Coastal Rose Garden. Although this is the first time he has appeared in my blog, Zhuan Zhuan and I have been good pals for quite a while.

Zhuan Zhuan

I don’t know about you, but I think he looks a bit like Rod Stewart.

See what I mean!

Zhuan Zhuan is a toy poodle and only a quarter of the size of me. He thinks he can hide his build by having a poofy hairdo and 'frou frou' clad legs.

Despite his small stature and eccentric hairstyle, Zhuan Zhuan is totally fearless when wrestling with the big boys. Here are some pictures of the two of us messing around.

The face off begins.

Zhuan Zhuan makes his move...

... but then decides to attack from this angle.

Finally, the battle commences...

All I need to do is try to find a way to 'squash' him!

But I got squashed instead.

Without warning, Zhuan Zhuan suggested that we stop our wrestling game, and take a picture instead.

We don't look too bad considering the intensity of our battle?

That's all folks. See you later!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Oh Balu

Yesterday afternoon, Missus and I went to visit Balu. His humans are away on a holiday and I guessed he must have been feeling lonely. So, I was hoping that my presence would cheer the ‘little monkey’ up. It sure did!

When Balu first saw me, he was so elated that he started to sniff me and lick me all over.

He followed me everywhere, just to have a sniff of my wonderful scent.

I was beginning to feel a bit uneasy as ‘Pesky’ just would not stop sniffing me.

To get away from all this ‘girlie’ sniffing nonsense, I had to initiate a macho dog wrestling. I soon managed to pin ‘Sniffy’ down. Yeah!

Balu struggled to get up. It’s probably due to the amount of weight that he’s put on lately - Ha! Ha! Ha!

Soon, Missus made us stop our ‘dog wrestling’ and we were forced, yet again (sigh!) to have our photos taken.

Doing our best to smile…

Ohh… booti-ful us!

I love this picture!