Sunday, 17 February 2008

Crazy Ball

Today, our respective humans took Balu, Kira and myself out to the park for a run around. They decided that we should all partake in a new game called ‘Crazy Ball’.

Here are the humans explaining the rules. Basically there are no rules! The only idea is that we all run after the ball and the one who keeps it the longest is the winner. Anything goes.

Here are each of the formidable players, with their ‘Crazy Ball’ pseudonyms:

This is ‘Big Bad Balu’. He is the current world champion at ‘Crazy Ball’. (That’s only because he’s crazy! Heh heh heh).

Let me introduce you to ‘Killer Kira’. Rumour has it that she wrestles with bears for fun.

And last, but not least, yours truly: ‘Hitman Homer’. I also wrestle (teddy) bears for fun.

Here we are, eager to get started. And they’re off…

‘Big Bad Balu’ quickly asserted his supremacy by winning the ball first.

But 'Killer Kira' was soon in hot pursuit.

I then made a ‘smash and grab’ raid.

It was a perfect steal!

I then set off for cover.

My first hideout was a bit obvious and they soon found me.

So I set off into ‘the jungle’, hoping I wouldn’t be followed.

Unfortunately, ‘Big Bad Balu’ was hot on my tail…

… with “Killer Kira’ hot on his tail.

I finally found the perfect spot to hide. Can you see me?

Me hiding with the spoils. I told you there were no rules. Heh heh heh.

Oh no! My cover was blown by ‘Big Bad Balu’. He soon snatched the ball from me.

He looked so smug after retrieving the ball.

But victory was short and sweet. Pretty soon, ‘Killer Kira’ was on to him.

Then, both ‘Killer Kira’ and ‘Hitman Homer’ got together to take on ‘Big Bad Balu’. A new game of ‘Crazy Ball’ soon commenced…

Once it was all over, despite the intense competition, we all remained good pals. Here’s the post-match team photo.

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