Saturday, 29 March 2014

Sakura – A Little Devil in Disguise

Woof folks!

I hope you remember my Japanese Spitz friend, Sakura. She stayed with us for a month last year while her humans went away on holiday. For the benefit of those who don’t remember her, here are some photos of my little fiend friend.

This is Sakura, a booti-ful, young Japanese Spitz.

We had some great times together. For instance, we celebrated my eighth bark day at my house last year! It was fantastic except that she ate to much of my cake! Grrrr...

Another close-up.

The Missus’ photographs of Sakura manage to capture her as an innocent little angel…

See what I mean?
…but photos can be deceptive!

Don’t get me wrong, Sakura is a white bundle of joy; delightful to be with. However, although she may come across as a sweet, dainty, girlie dog, I know better. Beneath that angelic, innocent appearance is one little devil in disguise. She is a feisty, robust little creature, who is always full of pent-up energy.

Don’t believe me? Here are some photos, which were taken last year.

Sakura and myself were playing bitty faces. Look at her snarly face!

Sakura: "Check out my teeth!"

Here's Sakura, trying her utmost to pin me on the floor.

...'Gasp' and she succeeded!

Me: "I'm going to get back at you, you cheeky monkey!"

With one mighty swoop, I managed to pin her down.

This time I managed to get the upper-paw. Heh...heh...heh...

But don’t underestimate Sakura – she’ll be back!

On another note, I have a very important announcement to make. I’ll reveal all in the next few days so watch this space.