Monday, 26 February 2007

Dog Tired

These photos were taken on the first day of Chinese New Year. Because it was a special occasion, I was allowed in the bedroom. We spent the whole afternoon in the pub and were so dog tired when we returned home. Dad and I 'dived' straight into the bed and before we knew it, we were both fast asleep.

This is Dad's foot. Apparently I 'doubled' up as an extra pillow for him. It was not surprising that my face smelled like Dad's foot the next day.

Obviously I was too tired to to care about how his foot smelled. By the way, have you checked out our hairy legs?

Monday, 19 February 2007

An Afternoon Drive

These photos were taken this afternoon. We went for a drive around town. It was enjoyable.

This is me in the front seat.

I love being in the front seat with the window down. So, I have marked my territory - the front seat is SOLELY for me. Missus will be in the driver’s seat (because she will be driving), the back seats are for passengers and Dad will be in the car boot! Heh heh heh…

Want a ride???

I hope our next car is a convertible, then, we can drive around town and pick up 'bitches'.

Thursday, 15 February 2007

Valentine's Day

We had a very quiet Valentine's Day but an enjoyable one. To mark the occasion, Dad was forced to cook something edible for us. Thankfully, we did not have the runs.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, 6 February 2007


This was the Elizabethan Collar. It was supposed to keep me from scratching. I didn't like wearing it! Missus said I looked like a royalty from the Victorian Era. Dad thought I was wearing a bonnet., just like 'Mary had a little lamb' in the nursery rhymes.

I had been in this sulking position for 30 minutes...

Did I tell you that my ears have been itching for the past few weeks? I have been scratching them and occasionally causing them to bleed due to my sharp nails. Missus has been trying to administer medicine to me herself during this time. She was trying to avoid going to the vet as he does not speak English well and so, there are communication problems. However, my ears have gotten steadily worse and we had no choice but to make a trip to the vet.

The vet diagnosed that I have yeast and bacteria infection inside my ears. He cleaned them and put a few drops of medicine and told us that we have to continue to use them for a few days.

The worse was to follow, when my Missus decided that I have to wear an 'Elizabethan Collar' to prevent me from scratching.

Back home I had it put on. The feeling was strange and looked like I was wearing a lampshade. I refused to move around the house for the fear of knocking anything over. When Dad saw me with the lampshade, he laughed. I did not understand what was going on. Now I cannot scratch my ears and it is quite discomforting. Missus tried to tell me that I can still do my normal activities. She demonstrated by putting the lampshade on her neck and walked around the apartment on all-fours. I was not convinced and I think she looked daft!

Sunday, 4 February 2007

Claudia and Fredrik

Fredrik, me and Claudia.

I love this shot!

Me with that uncooperative look again.

My human parents are planning to go for a few weeks holiday in England and a new dog sitter is needed during this period of time. Before Thorsten left Korea, he had mentioned to us that Claudia and Fredrik might be able to offer some assistance. So, in order to set up a ‘proper introduction’, my human parents invited them over for dinner.

I was so elated when I heard that they were coming. I was thrilled to see them! My tail was wagging so hard and I was hopping around the apartment like a rabbit! I was dying to impress them and so I put on my best behaviour - however Missus thought otherwise. She said I was like a mad dog and my greetings were explosive! Dad had to calm me down so that Claudia and Fredrik would feel ‘safe’ to stay for dinner!

I tried to be a good host and offered them my toys to chew on, just in case they were hungry. I had a fabulous night! I was the center of attention! Fredrik is so sweet and I am so smitten by Claudia! I am so looking forward to spending my holidays with them!

The night came to an end and it was time for our guests to go home. After the goodbyes were exchanged, the door was opened and I began to follow them up the stairs (they are staying on the 15th floor and we are on the 13th). However, Missus had other ideas and my big butt was shoved back into my house.

Anyway, what a great night!


As you can see in the background of the photo, there were people playing football. My tackling, attacking and defending skills are impeccable and I run faster than any professional, so I hoped that I would get a game. I wanted to join them so I volunteered myself to the lads to be a reserve.

Observing the match.

Missus said that, since I am a professional player, I shouldn't close my eyes for the photo shoot. She said that I should open my eyes and also look cool and stick out my chest all the time, just in case I meet any irritating 'paparazzi'!

I hope this photo will win me fans and gain publicity. Dad will also try to speak to Glenn Roeder (the current Newcastle United manager) so that I can play for the Toon Army. Toon Army! Toon Army!

OK, got to go, the whistle has blown and one man is down. I need to get onto the field! Homer to the rescue!

The Match Report: Homer scored his first goal during the last 10 minutes before half time. In the second half, he scored again with a penalty kick. His sleek movements were so forminable, and he finished by getting his hat-trick from a corner kick. That was one of his 'Golden Glories'.

Homer was voted 'Dog/Man of the match'. He was offered a 10 million pounds contract with Newcastle United. Payment was to be made in high quality kibbles, bones and toys.

Okpo International School Playground

These photos were taken at Okpo International School playground. The whole environment was new to me. I began to sniff around and soon started to dig in the sand. The humans were wondering what I was digging for (but I am not going to tell).

Digging frantically.

A hidden treasure???

Homer in the Pub

The humans wanted to go to the Foreigner’s Club last Sunday for a few pints without me. I pleaded and used all my charms to convince them to let me come along as well. At first, Dad was apprehensive but I worked my magic by casting my manipulative look (a sad and pitiful expression) at him. He relented, and so began my first trip to a pub in Okpo.

I was well-received by the patrons. Everyone loved me. I ‘shook paws/hands’ with many people and soon began to hang out with the lads. I was one of them! The only difference was that I didn’t have a pint of lager with me. I was forbidden to drink as Missus said that I was underage and that alcohol is toxic for me.

This was my first time in a pub but I hope it won’t be my last!

Me and Dad by the bar.

"Fancy a pint Homer?"

I love this place! Now I understand why Dad likes to come here!

Me and the lads!

My new mates.

From your left is Bill Cramman, John MacDonald and Billy MacPhee. Bill is the chairman of the Foreigner's Club. Billy is from the Glenhoulachan Midge Club Ceilidh Band who flew all the way from Dumbarton in Scotland to play traditonal Scottish music on Burns Night. John was the guest piper on the night.

Me and John (who happens to have a Labrador and Border Collie back in Scotland).

This is my friend Ray Gilmurray.

I'm a ladies' man.

Me and Dad. We were so intoxicated by the atmosphere!