Sunday, 4 February 2007

Claudia and Fredrik

Fredrik, me and Claudia.

I love this shot!

Me with that uncooperative look again.

My human parents are planning to go for a few weeks holiday in England and a new dog sitter is needed during this period of time. Before Thorsten left Korea, he had mentioned to us that Claudia and Fredrik might be able to offer some assistance. So, in order to set up a ‘proper introduction’, my human parents invited them over for dinner.

I was so elated when I heard that they were coming. I was thrilled to see them! My tail was wagging so hard and I was hopping around the apartment like a rabbit! I was dying to impress them and so I put on my best behaviour - however Missus thought otherwise. She said I was like a mad dog and my greetings were explosive! Dad had to calm me down so that Claudia and Fredrik would feel ‘safe’ to stay for dinner!

I tried to be a good host and offered them my toys to chew on, just in case they were hungry. I had a fabulous night! I was the center of attention! Fredrik is so sweet and I am so smitten by Claudia! I am so looking forward to spending my holidays with them!

The night came to an end and it was time for our guests to go home. After the goodbyes were exchanged, the door was opened and I began to follow them up the stairs (they are staying on the 15th floor and we are on the 13th). However, Missus had other ideas and my big butt was shoved back into my house.

Anyway, what a great night!

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