Sunday, 4 February 2007

Homer in the Pub

The humans wanted to go to the Foreigner’s Club last Sunday for a few pints without me. I pleaded and used all my charms to convince them to let me come along as well. At first, Dad was apprehensive but I worked my magic by casting my manipulative look (a sad and pitiful expression) at him. He relented, and so began my first trip to a pub in Okpo.

I was well-received by the patrons. Everyone loved me. I ‘shook paws/hands’ with many people and soon began to hang out with the lads. I was one of them! The only difference was that I didn’t have a pint of lager with me. I was forbidden to drink as Missus said that I was underage and that alcohol is toxic for me.

This was my first time in a pub but I hope it won’t be my last!

Me and Dad by the bar.

"Fancy a pint Homer?"

I love this place! Now I understand why Dad likes to come here!

Me and the lads!

My new mates.

From your left is Bill Cramman, John MacDonald and Billy MacPhee. Bill is the chairman of the Foreigner's Club. Billy is from the Glenhoulachan Midge Club Ceilidh Band who flew all the way from Dumbarton in Scotland to play traditonal Scottish music on Burns Night. John was the guest piper on the night.

Me and John (who happens to have a Labrador and Border Collie back in Scotland).

This is my friend Ray Gilmurray.

I'm a ladies' man.

Me and Dad. We were so intoxicated by the atmosphere!

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