Tuesday, 6 February 2007


This was the Elizabethan Collar. It was supposed to keep me from scratching. I didn't like wearing it! Missus said I looked like a royalty from the Victorian Era. Dad thought I was wearing a bonnet., just like 'Mary had a little lamb' in the nursery rhymes.

I had been in this sulking position for 30 minutes...

Did I tell you that my ears have been itching for the past few weeks? I have been scratching them and occasionally causing them to bleed due to my sharp nails. Missus has been trying to administer medicine to me herself during this time. She was trying to avoid going to the vet as he does not speak English well and so, there are communication problems. However, my ears have gotten steadily worse and we had no choice but to make a trip to the vet.

The vet diagnosed that I have yeast and bacteria infection inside my ears. He cleaned them and put a few drops of medicine and told us that we have to continue to use them for a few days.

The worse was to follow, when my Missus decided that I have to wear an 'Elizabethan Collar' to prevent me from scratching.

Back home I had it put on. The feeling was strange and looked like I was wearing a lampshade. I refused to move around the house for the fear of knocking anything over. When Dad saw me with the lampshade, he laughed. I did not understand what was going on. Now I cannot scratch my ears and it is quite discomforting. Missus tried to tell me that I can still do my normal activities. She demonstrated by putting the lampshade on her neck and walked around the apartment on all-fours. I was not convinced and I think she looked daft!

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