Monday, 30 April 2007


This is Rocco, Ah Li's dog. Rocco is a mixed breed dog who was rescued from a factory. He has grown up to be a handsome looking boy with a strong personality. You might think that Rocco is a medium sized dog, but I think he is a fat looking sod.

Apparently, Rocco has the habit of admiring himself in the mirror. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Thank goodness he can't talk or else he would probably be mumbling: "Mirror, mirror on the wall... etc." Yeah, yeah, we all get the message that you are a good looking stud. Bah!

Rocco's dad's name is 'Rocky' and his mum is called 'Coco'. Hence the name 'Rocco'. I would have thought that 'Cocky' was more appropriate? Anyway, I have been told that Rocco is an aggressive dog. I personally think that he is just misunderstood and that he is one of those dogs who's instinct is just to guard and protect the family from harm. I'm sure that once you get to know Rocco, you'll find that he's very playful and loves attention - just like me.

Here's a picture of Ah Li and Rocco.

Korea Dog Show 2007

Missus attended a dog show in Seoul recently. I wasn't very happy when she didn't take me along - remember, she didn't take me to crufts either. She thinks that showing me a few photos after she comes back will appease me... yeah right!

Anyway, here are some of Missus' photos taken during the 'Korea Kennel Foundation Dog Show - 2007' which was held at the Sheraton Walkerhill, Seoul.

This is a male poodle. I don't understand why he wanted to look like a lady.

This is Missus with "Jimmy". His show name is "Kor CH Jim Carrey of July Avenue". Jimmy is a very beautiful and a very confident dog. Over the past few years, Jimmy has won many awards. 'Nonchalant' and 'full of airs and graces' are the best terms to describe Jimmy. He's not a very friendly guy like me but hey, I can't blame him because he's got the 'goods' to back it up!

This is Echo. Her show name is "Olympus One's Echo FCI". She is 8 months old and has often won the title: "Puppy Queen". Unlike Jimmy, Echo is a very sweet and friendly bitch who loves to play.

The current "Puppy King" is Kronos. He is 8 months old and his show name is "Olympus One's Kronos FCI".

Korea Dog Show 2007.

Black Russian Terriers???

Missus with a majestic looking Doberman named Trigger.

"Story" is getting ready for the show.

Judging for the retrievers.

I wish I could pose/stack as well as him.

Echo and Kronos - the "Puppy Queen" and "Puppy King" of the show.

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Happy Easter!

I am supposed to be an Easter Bunny...

Friday, 6 April 2007

A Lesson for Us All

This picture was contributed by Missus' friend, Sophia.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Photos from Mark

These are some of the pictures taken during my recent stay with one of my nannies, Mark.

Can you see me?

"Hey this one looks like Miss Kim!"

Traumatising another dog.

Me and Mark settled for a spot, hoping to catch the sunset.

Monday, 2 April 2007

Bye Gus

My weekend with Gus was short but sweet and memorable. I thought I'd post some nice photos of us goofing around as a farewell tribute to my good mate.

Identical sleeping position.

Look at all the teeth!

One last final shot before we say our goodbyes.

The instant that Gus left, I began to howl. I have been sitting by the door, pining for him and hoping that he would return... "AROOOooooo"

My comical friend.


Looking Pretty!

It is mandatory for dogs who come to our doghouse to 'accessorise'. Gus was not spared this fate. The end result was not too bad - we carried it off well!

Pretty 'ladies'.

Sharing the gossip. "Pssst... want to know the latest scandal?"