Monday, 30 April 2007

Korea Dog Show 2007

Missus attended a dog show in Seoul recently. I wasn't very happy when she didn't take me along - remember, she didn't take me to crufts either. She thinks that showing me a few photos after she comes back will appease me... yeah right!

Anyway, here are some of Missus' photos taken during the 'Korea Kennel Foundation Dog Show - 2007' which was held at the Sheraton Walkerhill, Seoul.

This is a male poodle. I don't understand why he wanted to look like a lady.

This is Missus with "Jimmy". His show name is "Kor CH Jim Carrey of July Avenue". Jimmy is a very beautiful and a very confident dog. Over the past few years, Jimmy has won many awards. 'Nonchalant' and 'full of airs and graces' are the best terms to describe Jimmy. He's not a very friendly guy like me but hey, I can't blame him because he's got the 'goods' to back it up!

This is Echo. Her show name is "Olympus One's Echo FCI". She is 8 months old and has often won the title: "Puppy Queen". Unlike Jimmy, Echo is a very sweet and friendly bitch who loves to play.

The current "Puppy King" is Kronos. He is 8 months old and his show name is "Olympus One's Kronos FCI".

Korea Dog Show 2007.

Black Russian Terriers???

Missus with a majestic looking Doberman named Trigger.

"Story" is getting ready for the show.

Judging for the retrievers.

I wish I could pose/stack as well as him.

Echo and Kronos - the "Puppy Queen" and "Puppy King" of the show.


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