Thursday, 31 May 2007

My Itinerary: Okpo to Shekou

In my last blog, I told you that we will all relocating from South Korea to Shekou in China. The humans have engaged a pet transport company to take me there. I've been checking the atlas to find out where the hell Shekou is. My god, what a long way to go! As I don't trust the humans, I've mapped out the route for myself. For the benefit of those who are not as 'geographically savvy' as myself, take a look at the maps below to see how far I have to go...

Click map to enlarge.

My journey begins in Okpo on Geoje Island where we have been living for the past year and half (this is marked with an 'X' on the map above). From here, I first have to follow the red line to Busan airport. This will take me about three and half hours by car.

From Busan airport, I will catch a plane to Gimpo in Seoul. The flight takes about one hour and the route is shown in red on the map above. Once in Seoul, I will be staying overnight with one of the staff from the pet transport company.

The following morning, I will be taken by car to Incheon airport in Seoul. From there, I will be flying all the way to Guangzhou in southern China. The flight is scheduled to take four hours, with the flight path shown on the map above. Incidentally, Missus will be on the same flight to Guangzhou as me. Unfortunately, while she gets to sit in a comfortable chair with stewardesses plying her with drinks, I will be stuck in a crate in the cargo hold of the aircraft. It doesn't seem very fair to me. Bah!

Finally, after I get to Guangzhou airport and clear the customs' procedures (which I hear could take about five hours) I will begin the last leg of the journey to my new home. This involves a two hour car ride to Shekou, as shown on the map above.

China is right next door to South Korea where I live now. From the journey described above, however, it seems like I will be travelling right around the world!

Monday, 28 May 2007

Moving to China

It's official - we are relocating to Shekou, China. This has been discussed for the past couple of weeks and now we are ging to be moving there by early June. So, for the past week, the humans have been busy packing and making all of the necessary arrangements. It was quite amusing to watch them pack because Missus kept packing stuff and Dad then kept unpacking it - so, nothing was achieved. It entered my mind to offer some assistance but I decided against it - I'd rather get into my favourite position (sleeping) than chip my nails and mess up my 'booti - ful' golden locks!

"Look at all of dad's stuff. I've got everything I need in my mouth!"

"I'm not going into the suitcase too!"

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Farewell Photos

It was the end of Gus' 'Summer Camp' and time for him to go. So, here are a few of our farewell photographs... me, Gus and Missus.

I wasn't keen to pose at first and prefered just to show my hot bum to the camera.

Another of the (many) unsuccessful photo taking attempts.

Now my head was blocking Missus' face. By this time, Gus was falling asleep.

Finally, we got a photo with both of us facing the right way. Unfortunately, we both looked very grumpy...

At last, a decent picture of Gus, Missus and me!

Monday, 14 May 2007


Missus recently took us with her while she went to sort out a few errands.

This is Gus and me waiting patiently for Missus.

After a while, I decided to stretch my legs.

While I had a good sniff around, Gus didn't budge from where Missus left him. What a show off!

I soon got bored and adopted my favourite position (sleeping). Look at Gus, he still hasn't moved!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

A Lazy Stroll on a Sunday Afternoon

A few Sundays ago, we were taking a stroll at a recently built footpath down by Okpo harbour front.

This is Gus trying to avoid the direct sunlight by hiding behind my bum. What a cheek - he obviously thinks that my bum is big enough to shelter him!

Now he's trying to hide amongst the shadows.

We were trying to pose for the camera but the sun was so bright that it made us squint.

"Hurry up!"

"Hey Gus! Look over there!"

We soon got distracted and were no longer paying attention to the lousy cameraman...

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Fancy Dress

We got a parcel today from the U.S. I thought it was going to be some kind of delicious treat or the latest toy for me to play with. Unfortunately it was neither. In fact, Gus and I were horrified when we saw the contents of the parcel - some crazy fancy dress items. We tried to make our escape but the evil humans managed to capture us. They threatened not to feed us if we didn't play along with their shenanigans. These are the results...

As you can see, Gus looks like a grumpy bunny.

Then we swopped costumes.

I am supposed to be a bunny.

Gus is supposed to look like a flower but he looks more like a Red Indian chief.

Friday, 11 May 2007


Not a good start for me. Where did he go?

Gus soon has me pinned down. He must be putting on weight while he’s staying with us.

"Gus! Get off my back! That's cheating!"

Gus gets on top again and I have to concede defeat. In my defence, Gus doesn’t always fight fairly

He seemed to look very happy with his victory.

Surprisingly, my strength regained and I began to retaliate...

Ha, ha fat boy, I am going to get you this time!

My luck changed for the better...

Gus was down.

He struggled...

and struggled...

At one point he nearly 'disappeared'!

Gus' mouth was opened so wide that he looked like a goldfish.

I am going to win this time...

... but the evil humans have to spoil our games by ending it!

Friday, 4 May 2007

Finally, I Pee Like a MAN!

I am no longer doing the 'girly squat', I am peeing like a real man!

Insane Housewife II

Sometimes when Missus goes into one of her "insane housewife" moods, she puts Gus and me into my old crate. She can then get on with mopping and vaccuming the floor like a woman possessed.

Despite this 'punishment', we are still smiling.

"Seriously mate, we must think of a way to escape!"


One of the traits I have noticed about Gus is that he has a tendency to fart a lot. I think this is OK as I fart too - but nowhere near as much as Gus. Mine only makes the noise: "put...put... put" and usually doesn't smell much. However, this does not apply to Gus. He lets out silent farts with a deadly smell. I wish he would warn us before he 'drops one' - even a quiet "pssssst" sound would suffice. Many times, we all have to evacuate the room because Gus has let off one of his "Silent Killers". The smell usually lingers for minutes!

Enough of my farting stories. I've got to go now, Gus just farted and I'd better run. Tata.

Ugh!!! Was that you???

The after effects of one of Gus' "Silent Killers".

"Man...that's bad!"

"Quick, get an ambulance!"

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Gus Who's Back?

Gus is back!

Ta - da!!! Gus is back and he is going to 'crash' at my doghouse for two weeks! I'm sure we are going to have lots of fun and mischief. I'll let you know all about our fun and dog games later...

Cool Dog Site of the Month

"Drum roll please....".
I am pleased to annouce that my blog has been voted as the best site of the month by the 'Dogmark' website (see Dogmark). I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my ardent fans and supporters who voted for me. I would also like to thank Takashi Ito, the webmaster of Dogmark, who kindly featured my blog.

Please continue to support my blog. Thank you. Woof!