Friday, 4 May 2007


One of the traits I have noticed about Gus is that he has a tendency to fart a lot. I think this is OK as I fart too - but nowhere near as much as Gus. Mine only makes the noise: "put...put... put" and usually doesn't smell much. However, this does not apply to Gus. He lets out silent farts with a deadly smell. I wish he would warn us before he 'drops one' - even a quiet "pssssst" sound would suffice. Many times, we all have to evacuate the room because Gus has let off one of his "Silent Killers". The smell usually lingers for minutes!

Enough of my farting stories. I've got to go now, Gus just farted and I'd better run. Tata.

Ugh!!! Was that you???

The after effects of one of Gus' "Silent Killers".

"Man...that's bad!"

"Quick, get an ambulance!"

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