Friday, 11 May 2007


Not a good start for me. Where did he go?

Gus soon has me pinned down. He must be putting on weight while he’s staying with us.

"Gus! Get off my back! That's cheating!"

Gus gets on top again and I have to concede defeat. In my defence, Gus doesn’t always fight fairly

He seemed to look very happy with his victory.

Surprisingly, my strength regained and I began to retaliate...

Ha, ha fat boy, I am going to get you this time!

My luck changed for the better...

Gus was down.

He struggled...

and struggled...

At one point he nearly 'disappeared'!

Gus' mouth was opened so wide that he looked like a goldfish.

I am going to win this time...

... but the evil humans have to spoil our games by ending it!

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MJ's doghouse said...

wow homer your pal has a doofus dot on top of his