Thursday, 31 May 2007

My Itinerary: Okpo to Shekou

In my last blog, I told you that we will all relocating from South Korea to Shekou in China. The humans have engaged a pet transport company to take me there. I've been checking the atlas to find out where the hell Shekou is. My god, what a long way to go! As I don't trust the humans, I've mapped out the route for myself. For the benefit of those who are not as 'geographically savvy' as myself, take a look at the maps below to see how far I have to go...

Click map to enlarge.

My journey begins in Okpo on Geoje Island where we have been living for the past year and half (this is marked with an 'X' on the map above). From here, I first have to follow the red line to Busan airport. This will take me about three and half hours by car.

From Busan airport, I will catch a plane to Gimpo in Seoul. The flight takes about one hour and the route is shown in red on the map above. Once in Seoul, I will be staying overnight with one of the staff from the pet transport company.

The following morning, I will be taken by car to Incheon airport in Seoul. From there, I will be flying all the way to Guangzhou in southern China. The flight is scheduled to take four hours, with the flight path shown on the map above. Incidentally, Missus will be on the same flight to Guangzhou as me. Unfortunately, while she gets to sit in a comfortable chair with stewardesses plying her with drinks, I will be stuck in a crate in the cargo hold of the aircraft. It doesn't seem very fair to me. Bah!

Finally, after I get to Guangzhou airport and clear the customs' procedures (which I hear could take about five hours) I will begin the last leg of the journey to my new home. This involves a two hour car ride to Shekou, as shown on the map above.

China is right next door to South Korea where I live now. From the journey described above, however, it seems like I will be travelling right around the world!

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