Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Homer's Tenth Barkday - The Cake Carnage

Today is Homer’s Birthday. He is ten years old.

Every year, without fail, I bake my beloved little boy a cake. This year was no exception. I lovingly prepared a heart-shaped oatmeal/carrot/minced chicken concoction which symbolised my unwavering love to my faithful pooch. The cake was decorated with ‘look-a-like’ white marzipan, sprinkled with bacon bits and finished with smoked sausage slices trimming the outside.

I wanted to take a photo of Homer and Savannah posing nicely with my ‘masterpiece’. So, I had everything set-up perfectly, ready to capture the moment.

Unfortunately, things did not go according to plan. The minute I put the damned cake on the floor next to my kids, both of them ‘dived-in’. Savannah managed to grab some bacon and Homer…sigh…Homer scoffed the entire top layer. So, sorry folks, no pretty photos of my two angels and my booti-ful creation. Instead, all I was left with was this shot of the two of them, after Bill had managed to ‘rescue’ what was left…

And then the aftermath…

I’m sure the two of them are in cahoots to ruin my best-intentioned photo shoot.

Happy Birthday my dearest Homer.


The Missus

Monday, 29 June 2015

Some updates

Woof folks!

Hope you are all doing well.

I’m sorry I didn’t post anything on my blog during last month. As usual, we have all been very busy. Well, let me explain.

First of all, my baby sister, Savannah, who is now ten months old (how time flies!) is becoming a bit of a handful.

The ‘trouble’ began once she learnt the ‘art-of-crawling’ at the age of nine months. Ever since she made that ‘discovery’, it has become almost a full-time job just overseeing her little ‘explorations’. We have all been busy keeping an eye on the little terror, making sure that she doesn’t get into any mischief. Let me tell you, it’s not easy for an old dog like myself to keep up with her shenanigans!

Secondly, sometime earlier this year, the Missus took up the role of newsletter editor for a certain expat club in Pattaya, Thailand. For the last few months, she has been busy attending committee meetings and social events, as well as meeting all of her deadlines. Despite her erratic schedule, she still manages to find time enough for me and my little sister. But, unfortunately, not for my blog!

Lastly, we have been making a number of trips to the vet lately. The last visit was a few nights ago when we went to see an oncologist in Bangkok. Not so good news; my Mast Cell Tumors (MCT) are back. This time I have at least four, perhaps five, tumors. The oncologist said that the disease is currently at stage 3; 1 being the earliest stage and 4 representing the most severe condition. I am scheduled to go for surgery to remove the lumps in two weeks time. Fingers, paws and tails crossed.

Anyway, the Missus has taken some photos of my little sister, Savannah, and myself (see below). She may be a little terror but I still love her to bits.

Tomorrow is my tenth barkday. YAY! I’m looking forward to celebrating my special day with Savannah. It is going to be my first barkday celebration with her. Hopefully, the first of many more to come.