Thursday, 24 January 2008

My Chinese Friends

During my seven months in China, I have got to know two lovely ladies and a wonderful boy. A few days ago, we took a stroll together and captured some nice moments…

The lady on my left is one of my many nannies in China. Her name is Xiao Chen. She often looks after me when my humans are away on holiday. On my right is her son, Yang Fei.

Me and Yang Fei. He loves to goof around with me.

Awww… isn’t he sweet?

You know, looking at this photo, I’ve just realized that I have a very big head (I am referring to its physical size, not my ego).

Me and Xiao Chen.

This is Xiao Chen’s cousin (Yang Fei’s auntie), Nini.

Oooh… Ahh… Booti-ful!

Me and my good friends.

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