Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Missus' 29th Birthday

A couple of days ago, it was Missus' birthday and I tried to think of something to surprise her. I'd been racking my brains prior to 'the day' without success. It was no fun for me - the last time I remember 'using my brains' so much was during my puppy training school. Anyway, I thought of giving her some of my favourite toys but dropped the idea as Dad said they were soaking wet with my saliva. Finally, Dad and I went to look for something suitable and we managed to get a few presents as shown below.

Missus' birthday presents from me and Dad.

My special present to Missus - Chocolate dogs!

On the day, we also had the obligatory photo shoot (Sigh!)...

As you can see, I don't look so interested. It's probably because I've had to do this pose at least a million times before.

The family shot.

This is Missus in her doggy pose.

Oh no, not the dreaded dressing up shots again...

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