Thursday, 7 June 2007

My Journey from Okpo to Shekou

Well, here it is folks, I am about to set-off on my long journey to our new home in China. Missus has kindly agreed to take some photos along the way.

The pet transport company representatives arrived and we got ready to go. I would be travelling in my old crate throughout the whole journey.

Oooooh I am so excited!!!

Ta-ta Koreans!!!

Can we hit the road now???

After Missus gave the pet transport representatives strict instructions to be good to me, and having said our farewells, it was finally time to go.

Missus somehow managed to take this picture of me from the aeroplane. It was nice to know that somebody was watching over me.

Hurry up and get me on the plane! I want to accumulate some more air miles.

This was me departing the aeroplane at Guangzhou airport. Missus even managed to get a photo of me meeting my first Chinaman on the runway.

At last I was reunited with Missus in the van and we left for our new apartment in Shekou! Aren't I an international jet setter??? This is my fourth country (Australia, Singapore, South Korea and now China) and I am not even two years old yet!

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