Monday, 5 November 2007

Let's Play!

This is me and Roy playing like two crazy dogs. I hope we didn't traumatise the passers-by. I have attached LOADS of photos of us having a great time!

This is how we greeted each other!

At one point, I thought I could fly.

Roy tried to carry me. Apparently, I was too heavy for him as you can tell from the expression on his face!

He thought by planting his fat bum on the ground it would make it easier for him to carry me... I think he overestimated himself!

When he couldn't carry me, he decided to chase me...

... and show me who's the boss by humping! This is how we dogs play and in a dog's language, it's a way of showing dominance. Get off my back Roy!

I began to chase him.

But Roy is nimble and quick!

After some struggle, I managed to pin him down. Yay!


Who's got a bigger mouth?

As you can see, we enjoyed ourselves a lot!

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