Tuesday, 23 October 2007

I am Supermodel Ru-'Paw'

Oooh... booti-ful me!!!

Being a canine supermodel is not easy and let me tell you why. Recently, Missus bought a very powerful camera and, of course, a model was needed. Being young, naive and hungry for food (I mean fame), I was ‘cajoled’ into her shenanigans.

I toiled for the whole day under the blazing hot sun. I was given no water and no treats to motivate me at all. The darn ‘photographer’ made me pose like a monkey and my jaws were so tired from the smiling and grinning that, at one point, I swear my tongue went numb!

Still, we did manage to get some decent shots for my 'pawfolio'...

Look, I'm trying to 'pout' in these next few shots...

After a long shooting seesion, we discovered another 'wannabe model' - Balu. All this time he had been spying on me from his apartment balcony. I guess he wanted to know what I was up to; what modeling assignments I had been given; and whether ‘Doggy & Gabbana’ had provided the latest collars and leashes for me to model for them. Tsk! Tsk! Anyway, just so that he didn't feel left out, I asked the photographer to take a few shoots of 'spy-the-dog'.

Can you spot Balu? I've marked-up a red arrow to give you a clue.

Look at his puppy eyes!

I wouldn't be surprised if Balu ends up being 'Shekou's Next Top Model'. I've just overheard Missus mention that she was looking for more 'younger faces'. Is she trying to imply that I'm old???

OK folks, that's all for now. I need to catch up with my beauty sleep.

And this is Homer sashaying away...

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