Tuesday, 2 October 2007

'Mister Mysterious'

This is another new friend of mine whom I've included in my PDA (Personal Dog Assistant). His name is Mister and he is only twelve months old.

Another puppy in the neighbourhood.... 'snort'...

By day, Mister is just another ordinary mild mannered pup...

However, by night, Mister is another of these dogs who dons a 'mysterious' mask. Maybe he has some kind of super powers? I think I will call him 'Mister Mysterious'.

At first, 'Mister Mysterious' did not seem very 'mysterious' at all.

But soon, he started his dastardly plan for 'Homer domination'.

However, it wasn't long before I used my own super powers to gain control of this 'masked marauder'.

After a while, both of our powers were weak.... 'pant', 'pant', 'pant'... But, we live to fight another day (after dinner!).

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