Tuesday, 1 July 2008

I'm Three!

Yesterday was my birthday. I've now reached the grand old age of three. You may not think that this is particularly old, but if I was a human, I would now get the 'key to the door'. (I would also be able to drink, smoke, drive, vote and have sex. I'm not too bothered about the first four but the sex would be OK. As it is, I'm heading for being a fourty year old virgin. Sigh...).

Anyway, enough of my "old man's" rant. As is befitting of my 'old age', my birthday celebration was a relatively quiet affair, but I still really enjoyed it.

Of course I was showered with lots of attention, which I always love. Most importantly, however, Missus cooked lots of sumptious food for me! (Don't worry, Lilly got some too!)

Take a look at the photos below.

This is me with (one of) my birthday cake(s). Unlike on my previous birthdays, this year Missus baked me a number of smaller cupcakes rather than one big birthday cake.

Even better... Missus made me a prime steak dinner. Unfortunately, I had to share it with Lilly (the greedy monster).

Dad sang his customary "Happy Birthday To Homer" song. It sounded awful, but I pretended to enjoy his singing...

"Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Arooo... "

Missus knows what a couple of wolves we are, so she broke the cupcakes into smaller pieces for us. I had two and Lilly had one. Look at our hungry faces!

We both thought that my doggy birthday cupcakes were YUMMY!

It wasn't only Missus, Dad and Lilly who wished me a Happy Birthday. I'm really grateful to say that many of my friends around the world had been in touch to wish me 'Many Happy Returns'.

Here's an e-card designed by Rocky, Bear and (my dear departed friend) Lacylulu to show what I mean.

From Rocky, Bear and Angel Lacy Lulu. Thank you.

And thanks to all of you for your good wishes on my special day. Arooo!

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