Monday, 19 March 2007

Crufts 2007

During the humans' holiday away from me, apparently they visited the Crufts dog show. CRUFTS! How could they??? This is the most important event in 'Dogdom', and they went there without me.

Afer I sulked for 30 minutes or so, Missus showed me some pictures that she took during the show.

The Golden Retrievers in the show ring. None of them look as handsome as me.

Getting ready for the judge. Look at the paws, they're huge.

Doing the 'catwalk'.

Trotting... trotting... and trotting....

Heading back to their benches.

This dog won 'Best in Breed' for golden retrievers. I can't see how he is any better looking than me!!!

"What are you looking at?"

This dog looks like he's got constipation. Is he trying to fart?

The civilised retrievers were resting next to their respective benches.


The attentive Border Collies.

Posing for the camera - the British Bulldog.

A pudgy Labrador.

A distracted German Shepherd.

"Let's look to the left!" - Weimaraners.

Longhaired Weimaraner

Bull Mastiff

Bloodhound - I think it looks like my Missus...


Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

Great Pyrenees.

Catalan Sheepdog.

Old English Sheepdog.


Bedlington Terrier - Fondly refered to as "Beadling-ton Terror".

Irish Wolfhound

Check out the size of the Irish Wolfhound. It is bigger and taller (when it stands) than Missus!

Irish Wolfhounds get together.

This Otterhound appeared in one of the BBC talk shows. This breed is close to extinction. As it stands, there are only 61 Otterhounds left in Britain.

Her name is Cherish.

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