Friday, 30 March 2007

My Weekend with Gus

First of all, I would like to welcome my good friend, Gus, into our doghouse! Gus will be staying with us for the weekend. Here's a photo of Gus on the left. Don't you think he looks comical, the way he poses for the camera?

I have noticed that Gus has a few wrinkles on his muzzle. Well, I guess this comes with age - he is 5 after all! Anyway, I tried suggesting botox and collagen injections to him, but he thinks I'm mad! I was only trying to be helpful!!!

Taking a short break from all the wrestling.

Tired dogs.

This is our first 'civilized' photo. Missus found it impossible to get us to sit and behave at the same time - we were having so much fun together. After some coaxing, we managed to 'strike a few poses'.

Me and Gus posing reluctantly for the camera.

Trying our best to look happy.

Our attentiveness falters...

... gearing to go for more wrestling.

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