Friday, 2 March 2007


I mentioned in my previous postings that the humans were going away for a holiday. I want to introduce you to Mark, the 'Nanny' who I spent some time with before I went to stay with Claudia and Fredrik.

Mark often took me to Deokpo beach for walks. We had a lot of fun, with both of us frolicking around, enjoying the cool spring and chasing seagulls (he wasn't chasing the seagulls, just me). I was running and sniffing around without a leash on and I was very obedient whenever Mark asked me to return. This 'extraordinary' behaviour annoyed my Missus because she thinks I have 'selective hearing' whenever she lets me off the leash (i.e. I always ignored her commands).

We also had our 'male bonding' sessions, including having a few pints at the London pub. This outing sealed our friendship and was the highlight of my stay with Mark. In the pub, we were swarmed by ladies who went 'ballistic' over me. However, they weren't so keen on Mark as I am better looking than him. Hwah! He spent most of the time sitting in the corner with a grumpy look on his face whilst I basked in the spotlight with a smug look on my face!

Our first meeting - Everybody, this is Mark...

The two 'superpowers' began to wrestle for superiority. This was not a fair 'fight' as Mark is much fatter than me.

He won the fight and I was pinned down. He should not be too complacent - I will be BACK!

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