Saturday, 22 September 2007


There's something about Balu I've noticed. He loves to follow me around and 'copy' my actions. He's like my little shadow. I'm not sure why he does this. Is it because I smell nice? Am I cool? Does he like my swagger? Or maybe it's just because Balu is still a puppy and I'm an adult now. We all need someone to look up to and perhaps Balu sees me as his 'grown-up' role model. Anyway, if you don't believe me, I've attached some photos of Balu's 'copycat actions' below.

I get on the sofa... Balu gets on the sofa (don't tell his humans, in case he gets into trouble!).

I find something interesting to look at... guess who joins me?

I spot another dog... but I can't keep it a secret with Balu around.

Even when I jump on my favourite viewing spot... Balu has to squeeze in as well.

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