Sunday, 23 September 2007

A Trip to Seaworld in Shekou

It was a breezy afternoon and the humans decided to take me to the town since I've been behaving myself. So, on our way to Seaworld, we met an English Sheepdog called Shaggy.

This is Shaggy.

Shaggy is only one year old and he is as goofy as me.

We became friends quickly...

... and we loved to wrestle!

I also get to know a small dog. According to his owner, he is nine years old and he has no teeth. I've decided to call him Mr. Gums since I don't know his real name.

We played for a while...

... and checked out each other's bums.

The humans also took me to the butcher's shop. Mmmm... food.

How can any canines resist this glorious food??? Thank goodness Missus bought some chicken for me. I am having chicken for dinner! Whoppee!

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