Tuesday, 11 September 2007

My afternoon with Balu

This afternoon, I got to spend some time playing with Balu at my place.

This is me and Balu. He thinks he looks better in the photos with his eyes shut??? Tsk! Puppies nowadays, they really don't know how to pose.

Me trying to catch my breathe. As usual, Balu is off with the ball, hoping that I'll come after him.

This photo is firm evidence of Balu trying to get on the sofa... I hope his parents see it! Ha ha...

For your information, Balu had this ball in his mouth for at least thirty minutes!

For once, I got a moment to rest while that 'monkey' amused himself with something else.

I am too tired to play...

These photos (above and below) were not easy for Missus to take. We had to be cajoled with treats in order for her to get us to sit still.

I must say, we've done pretty well!

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