Tuesday, 11 December 2007

A Visit from Mister

Mister was over at my place recently and the humans took some photos of us having a good time (see photos below).

This is Mister and he loves to talk (especially to me). He talked so much that I had to put my mouth over his to keep him quiet.

Even in this position, Mister refused to stop talking.

After all that talking, we decided to put on some fancy wigs. Mister got an instant transformation. I think he was rather pleased with his overall look. His style resembled Anna Wintour. As for me, I think I looked like Michael Jackson when he was a kid?

As you can see, this is us begging for food at the dinner table. I guess all that talking and dressing up made us hungry. Unfortunately, we didn't get any food.

Finally, we took a short break before resuming our activities. By the way, I hope Mister's humans don't see this photo as he is not normally allowed on the couch!

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