Friday, 28 March 2008

Crufts 2008 - The Others Part II

Here are some more pictures of the 'best of the rest' from Crufts 2008.

The Old English Sheepdogs competing. Who's got the biggest hairdo?

Could it be these two?

Or this one? It looks puffy enough.

They all looked fantastic to me.

This was one angry fella. I think he was annoyed because his hair wasn't properly styled.

This is not a mop. It's a Komodor.

Komodor. Hmmm... Interesting breed.

The Bernese Mountain Dogs get together.

They looked so gorgeous!

Then we have the Boxers taking a quick nap before getting into the boxing ring.

Boxers in the show ring, fighting for victory.

Very good looking and well-behaved Boxers.

The Great Danes get together to discuss the event. Missus calls them the 'Gentle Giants'.

He's so tall!

Another Great Dane.

So many Great Danes!

A Doberman in the show ring. He looked so regal and poised!

A majestic looking Rottie.

The Rotties in the show ring.

A Dalmatian.

A dainty looking Kooikerhondje.

Bull Terrier.


Ollie, the Golden Retriever having his photo taken with a little girl.

Irish Setter.

Alright folks! That's all for Crufts 2008. I hope you enjoyed the photos of these booti-ful dogs as much as I did!

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