Thursday, 4 January 2007

Looking 'Lanky'

These were taken when I was 8 months old. I began to look more like a golden retriever although I do get mistaken for a Labrador. Tsk!

That 'manipulative' look on my face...

One of my best shots!

I was not fully grown then. Missus said that I was 'disproportionate'. She said I would look like a proper Golden Retriever when I got to the age of two.

This was the stage when I had 'selective' hearing. Sometimes I chose not to listen to my human parents. My wolf-like instincts took over me. I loved to chase cats, birds and even my own shadow. Therefore whenever I misbehaved, Missus would give me a smack on my rump. Heck! Did I care? Nah... not all the time.

I have always had a sweet temperament. I love attention from people and other dogs. I love to be petted. I am always yearning for human contact. I am no good at guarding the house. Instead I am more likely to show the burglar to the safe box! My love for food has not changed. I eat a lot and I definitely poo a lot. I love children but I tend to be too boisterous around them. I think my size frightens those 'little freaks' (that's what my Missus will call them when they make her angry). Missus said that if there's a shop that sells children, she will get one for me to play with. If there's a library that rents out children for a week, Missus will not hesitate to rent a couple for me.

On a serious note, I would love to have someone, be it animal or human to play with (hint hint!).

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