Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Missus' 28th Birthday

Yesterday was Missus' 28th birthday and I was on my best behaviour, I think? We had a quiet celebration. Dad got Missus a cake with four candles. Missus could not understand this as she is not four years old, and definitely not forty years old! So what is this obsession with four candles - Missus had four candles last year also. According to Dad, they were 'doggy candles'. One human year is seven doggy years and one 'doggy candle' represents seven human years (so four doggy candles for Missus' 28th birthday). Me and Missus think Dad's looney!

Anyway, we had a great time without making a big fuss. According to my human monsters (I mean masters), the cake definitely looked and tasted better than last year. Did I give any birthday present to Missus? Yes! Lots of love, hugs and sloppy licks!

I just wanted to play and refused to take any pictures... Look at Dad's happy face!

After some coaxing, I reluctantly posed for the camera.

I am scowling...

Hoping to steal a few licks but was chased away...

One of my best goofy smiles!

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