Sunday, 7 January 2007

Thorsten Boehnke

My human parents decided to go away for two weeks holiday and a full time 'baby' sitter was required. Okpo is not a place where you can get a boarding kennel easily and also many humans are afraid of me because of my massive size (By the way, I am not fat. I am just 'well built').

Missus and Dad pasted posters of me everywhere in Okpo, asking whether anybody would be prepared to take care of me. A few weeks later, a 'nanny' was found. I was entrusted to Thorsten Boehnke.

"What a good looking man!"

I had a very good time with Thorsten. We went for many hikes and we went to the beach. I enjoyed myself immensely but I was initially petrified of the waves. However, when Thorsten went into the water, I started to freak out! I did not want to lose him so I jumped into the sea as well! It was my first time, I thought I would sink. I started to kick my legs frantically and then realised that I AM ACTUALLY SWIMMING!

Thorsten began to play 'hide and seek' and dived into the water. I thought he had disappeared! For once I panicked but I was relieved when he finally reappeared. He teased me a few times and soon I got the hang of his game.

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