Thursday, 11 January 2007

Three Women and a Baby

It was late summer. Missus decided to take me to meet her human friends. They arranged to go for some light exercise (i.e. walking behind the Admiral hotel).

There were a total of four humans and myself. First of all, there was Julie. She was a nice Korean lady. She was not taken back by my massive size (let me stress again that I am not fat but well-built!). She also found me amusing and commented that I shared some traits with her son (i.e. we both love to eat, play and sleep).

See! Julie's not scared of me!!!

Then, we have Sophia. Sophia is a Singaporean lady (same as Missus). She is a lovely lady and she used to have a dog back in Singapore but it died of illness (it might have been old age, but I cannot remember the details). Sophia was very kind to me and she had good knowledge of canine behaviour.

To the extreme left is Sophia. The little man in the wheel barrow is Julian. He is trying to touch my tongue!

Anyway, the ladies were extremely nice to me. They gave me the impression that they treat animals with respect, kindness and compassion. This is not always the case in Korea. I could give you an insight of a dog's life in Korea, but I will save this for another time.

Look at the size of our heads!

Last of all, I would like to introduce Julian to you all. Julian is Sophia’s son. The photo shows him barely a year old. Julian is the tiniest amongst the humans. I am taller, bigger and more well-built (not fat) than him. In fact, the human ladies commented that my head is twice the size of Julian. Surprisingly for a toddler like Julian, he was not afraid of me. In fact he was so fascinated that he could not keep me out of his sight!

PS: Did I tell you that Missus was the fattest among the human ladies???

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Sophia said...

Julian kept wanting to look at his n Homer's picture and refuse to let me scroll dwn n read the rest of the blog!